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Betta Fish, arguably the most famous kind of fish determined within the domestic nowadays throughout the global. This outstanding fish shows a colorful character while posing the most magnificent coloration and fin structure helping to create an absolutely jaw-dropping aquarium that you could display off on your visitors!

Originating from the paddy fields of Vietnam, Betta is an amazing fish and I will be answering in this text the ten most famous questions I get requested on an everyday basis about Betta Fish. So we could get started out…

How Do You Stop Betta Fish From preventing?

This is probably one of the most famous questions I get asked!

In my revel in I’ve found some ways that paintings…

One way is sure to get a larger tank. With the bigger tank you could include a couple of latest flora, bear in mind you do not need to overdo it with the plant life otherwise you’ll smash your fish show (no longer very appealing in your visitors!). By making the tank bigger and introducing a few more vegetation it creates extra hiding places on your Betta whilst the aggressive one is at the war route!

A 2d manner is to honestly separate the aggressive fish from the relaxation. This may be carried out with the aid of setting a divider into your tank, or by means of taking the aggressive fish out and setting it into a brand new tank. I would personally advise putting a divider into your tank, size permitting of the path, as your Betta will recognize the opposite Betta Fish are there. It also helps in terms of the breeding manner due to the fact introductions would have already been made.

Thirdly, you should NEVER, I repeat NEVER positioned a male Betta in with some other male Betta Fish, duration! Otherwise, they will combat the loss of life (this is why they’re also called Siamese Fighting Fish!). So by using no longer retaining males together, this could reduce combating astronomically.

Female Betta’s have been acknowledged to be competitive and combat among each different, especially when you have 2 together. However, that is just an “I’m the leader” element happening between them and commonly wears off, however, a way I’ve used and visible have outstanding success to forestall this taking place is to add a 3rd girl into the tank. By doing this any anxiety between the previous two is eliminated – try it, you will be amazed how powerful it is!

Can You Keep Male and Female Betta Fish Together?

Yes, you could. However, I could advise preserving a near eye at the male Betta simply in case he becomes too aggressive and the girl wishes to be removed. As I stated above having flora within the tank can help the lady disguise if the male will become competitive.

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How Do You Tell the Difference Between a Male and Female Betta Fish

I usually keep in mind the saying “It’s smooth whilst you recognize how…” when I get asked this query due to the fact once I first started out breeding Betta Fish it took me a while to recognize the distinction among a male and a female…

You will have a tendency to locate that lady Betta’s have fat bellies wherein as men tend to have an extra streamlined structure. Also, you may locate that adult males have a longer body and fins while the ladies are shorter in frame size and fin duration.

Also, male Betta Fish have a tendency to have greater shade and longer pointed anal fins in comparison to their female opposite numbers (sorry ladies!). You may even discover female anal fins are a greater stage to their body. The anal fin is the inflexible searching fin coming from the bottom of the Betta Fish.

However, one giveaway of a girl is her white spot on the bottom of her belly. This white spot is called the ovipositor and is used throughout the breeding manner.

Four. What are the Best Caring Tips for Betta fish?

Lots of people have written books with regards to caring for Betta Fish however I’m going to offer you the great guidelines that I’ve picked up alongside the manner…

 Test your water’s acidity level frequently. A PH level of 7 works first-rate in my revel in.

 Always attempt to preserve the water temperature at around seventy five-eighty Fahrenheit. I might advise checking out this frequently the use of a floating thermometer because large drops in water temperature can reason strain on your fish. Floating thermometers in my experience deliver the best accuracy analyzing due to the fact they are saved in the tank water.

 Always preserve a lid/cowl over the top of your tank with air holes in it due to the fact Betta Fish can jump and also you might not be there to capture them!

 Any filtration machine has to be saved at a low stage and also you should take care now not to position the air consumption in this kind of role that it may cause your Betta to get hurt. Having your filter out system at an excessive placing has been known to purpose strain to your Betta.

 Try and easy your tank often, ideally two times a week. Remove bits of food caught underneath the stones, castles or leaves of your tank.

 As a rule of thumb, I suggest three-quarters of a gallon in line with Betta fish for your tank. Also, try and get a spacious tank to permit your Betta lots of room to show off their personality, you may be amazed a few are very thrilling to observe!


I’ve constantly determined if you love your Betta like you adore your own then you definitely may not cross a long way incorrect, and with enforcing the above you will be nicely on your manner to having surely staggering Betta Fish.