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Almost every pro gamer has a gaming pc, gaming console, and gaming laptop. But usually, they play games on pc or gaming console because on pc and gaming console they feel more comfortable instead of laptop. They just play games on a laptop when they are not at home so this is why they did not maintain their laptop properly. But do not worry we will discuss a few tips on how to maintain your laptop and get better performance while playing games.

Keep Your Laptop Clean And Dust Free:

Dust is a very harmful thing for a laptop it slows down your laptop and even your laptop can stop working if it has a lot of dust in it. So keep clean your laptop from dust and dirt after every few days. Just open your laptop and brush it or use an air blower to clean dust from inside of your laptop. As you know a clean thing looks cool and attracts others so keep clean your laptop screen and keyboard with brush and cloth. Clean your laptop will boost your laptop speed and increases its life.

Overclock CPU:

As we all know in pc’s we can easily upgrade pc by adding some more components. Even we can easily change our pc’s CPU but it is not possible in laptops. So always take care of your CPU as it is the main part of your laptop. But if your laptop cpu is not perfuming well so I instead of replacing it I think you must buy a new laptop. If you cannot afford an expensive laptop than go for the best gaming laptop under 500 .

Use a Laptop Cooler:

Many laptops did not perfume well because they just get heated quickly so to fix this problem you have to use a laptop cooler as it is not too much expensive thing but it is a useful thing for your laptop. I think every laptop user must have a laptop fan to protect his/her laptop from the heating problem.

Stop Background Apps

Many gamers complain that they have a good expensive laptop with good internet but when they try to play the online game their laptop usually hang. This problem is just because there are many apps working in the background they suck all the internet speed and computer processor speed. So go to settings and disable apps which are working in the background and improve the speed of your gameplay.

Keep Update Your Laptop:

This is the most important point to optimize your laptop gaming experience. keep updating your laptop software and hardware to get a better gaming speed. Always update your driver and software to the latest version and use updated hardware components for better result.